Learning Resources

This website provides information about resources Turkish Language learners can refer to while studying. These resources include different formats from video to textbook.

This list of resources includes recommendations about available sources. You can use these sources as a starting point for your further studies.

Please be aware that Turkish Language is continuously evolving and the language rules get updated frequently. While there are many textbook options online, try to have access to the latest editions to learn about the most up to date version of the language.

Teaching and Learning eTextbooks and Websites

Her Şey Bir Merhaba ile BaşlarThis open source textbook is for intermediate level speakers. It covers topics about daily life such as family, marriage, nature, art, and politics. 

Easy Turkish Grammar: Even though it is a paid textbook, it is a great resource for beginners. The main focus is grammar but the listening exercises will help with pronunciation as well.

UW Library Resources


Tureng: A dictionary that provides the Turkish words for an English word in different contexts.

Sesli Sözlük: A dictionary that provides definitions in both Turkish and English. Also provides pronunciation audio.

Langtolang: This dictionary is a multi-language dictionary with accurate Turkish – English conversion.

Learning Materials

Turkish Texbook is a website that includes various written learning materials for language learners.

YEE teaches Turkish with a variety of programs. They have some videos that can help with grammar, pronunciation, and listening.

Easy Turkish is a YouTube channel. They interview the locals around Turkey (and sometimes abroad). They have both Turkish and English subtitles on each video. It’s a great opportunity to learn more about life in Turkey and have some exposure to the daily language.

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Movies and TV Shows

Turkish movies are available on streaming websites such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. You can find an updated list of Turkish movies on Netflix here.

Turkish TV shows are typically streamed live on TV channel websites. Most channels also upload the full episodes on YouTube after they stream them on TV. To find a list of most popular Turkish shows on IMDB, click here.

Here are some of the popular TV shows available on YouTube with English Subtitles:

Here are some TV show channels that live stream:

  Show TV

 Star TV

 Kanal D


Social Media

Turkish Dictionary:  This Instagram account shares idioms, song lyrics, and current events about Turkey. Their translation to English are jokes to emphasize differences between the two languages, but the definitions are correct.

ekşisözlük: Individuals can write entries about a topic of their choice on this platform. You can read these entries as a reference to how the daily language differs from the formal writing. They also have an Instagram page you can access here.

Radio, Music, and Podcasts


Fenomen Türk 

Karnaval is a radio channel that owns different programs:

  • Joy Türk – Turkish slow music
  • Metro FM – Pop songs, Turkish and English
  • Virgin Radio Türkiye – Hit songs, known for its host


Turkish songs are available on Spotify and other audio streaming platforms. You can find the most popular songs in Turkey on the top songs playlists on these platforms. Spotify has Viral 50, Top 50, and Top Songs playlists for Turkey as well as other countries.


Bunu Ben De Yaparım: In these series, we can listen about any subject that relates to the challenges of people who live in the cities.

Fularsız Entellik: This series explain different social science and philosophy topics in a clear language.

Socrates Podcasts: A team of Socrates Magazine writers came together to make this podcast channel. they talk about sports in a detailed way in their podcasts.

Film Loverss Radyo: A podcast series about film, awards, and festivals.

Yoldayız Geliyor Musun?: This podcast focuses on self-care and meditation.

Books and Magazines

You can find Turkish books on Amazon, Google Play, and eBay but their selection might not have a lot of books. There are some Turkish bookstores in the US that have larger selections.

Turkish magazines are typically paid but almost all of them have social media pages where you can find their materials. You can find a list of all magazines if you search for ‘Türkçe dergiler’.

Some of the most popular magazines include:

Some international magazines also have Turkish versions:


Turkish newspapers are a great resource to have some exposure to the daily events and culture in Turkey. While the newspapers  tend to have clean and clear language, there might be long sentences. There are also Turkish newspapers that have an English section on their websites such as Hürriyet Daily News and Daily Sabah.

You can access the list of the Turkish Newspapers here.

Cultural Resources

The Regional Flagship Language Initiative’s Culture Initiative (RFLI-CI) built upon work done by the Flagship Culture Initiative (FCI) to provide highly contextualized scenarios through which students can encounter, reflect on and think through real life scenarios that illustrate differences in cultural norms and perceptions of appropriate behavior between their own culture and that of the environment in which their target language is spoken.

You can access the Turkish Cultural App here, resources are curated by the University of Hawaii.

Resources in UW – Madison

Madison Association of Turkish Students (MATS) is a student organization who brings together people interested in the Turkish culture. You can keep updated about the events they plan throughout the year by joining their email list.

Language Tables in UW-Madison offer a great opportunity to practice your speaking skills in a group setting.